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Andrea Gomis

Andrea Gomis is a Catalan American artist based in London. Her sculptures harken back to traditions of the erotic and grotesque while exploring human anatomy and sexuality. Growing up between Catalunya and
Colorado, her work incorporates the aggressive subtexts of American life and the surrealist nature of Catalan culture.
While many of her pieces are explicit, they always include a more innocent side– the sculpture turned in a certain direction displays the grotesque, while turned in another can offer a seemingly innocent object, thus
playing with the idea of how we protect and conceal vulnerabilities, truths, and realities from ourselves and others. As she often says, “you never completely wear your heart on your sleeve.”
She has worked in studios making prosthetics for films such as “The Orville” and with the team that created Pan’s Labyrinth. She is currently studying for a master's degree in Fine Art at City and Guilds School Of Art in London and has completed trainings in Special Effects, Prosthetics, and Creature Maquette among others at the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles.

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