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SDNA is a creative studio founded in 2010 by Valentina Floris and Ben Foot. They specialise in producing
distinctive digital artworks and interactive experiences for a range of settings. With a diverse portfolio, they
have successfully led projects of various scales, delving into themes such as mythology, anthropology, natural
history, and climate change.
Their interdisciplinary approach aims to widen the scope of, and increase accessibility to digital art, exploring
techniques of interaction between artwork, audience and space. SDNA animate galleries and public spaces
with bold and imaginative displays to engage and inspire new and diverse audiences in fresh and exciting
At the core of their ethos is a deep passion for collaborating with experts from scientific and artistic fields,
involving people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds in the creative process. SDNA have forged
partnerships with esteemed organisations, including the British Council, the Francis Crick Institute, and the
Natural History Museum.

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