Barry Reigate lives and works in London. He is known for his large colourful, mixed media, pop paintings and lately his more mono-chromatic airbrush canvases. By utilising various methods of graffiti, he addresses the role & act of the painter, also of high art & popular culture. Employing the techniques & skills he learnt as a graphic designer/illustrator from working at a cartoon channel, Reigate makes mixed media collaged works, that incorporate airbrush & graphic art techniques. His large canvases are reminiscent of graffitied walls and the marks that one would see scratched on the walls of public spaces. An important part of Reigate’s practice, is the act of drawing & doodling, filling in both the physical space and the mental space of boredom. Reigate uses drawing as a departure, from those moments of boredom into an area of escape, doodles, cartoons, scribbles, that which also play on the surrealist notion of automatic drawing, using drawing as an outlet to do ‘some-thing’, so as to be 'pro-active'. Another influence on Reigate’s work, are the drawings made by children, that have further expanded Barry’s latest work, developing this idea of the doodle, by utilising the airbrush & spray-gun tool with full effect. Using them as a drawing instrument, Reigate makes large paintings, taken from small doodles made in his sketchbook. These latest works incorporate and capitalise on the assets of the airbrush, to create works that slip somewhere between the digital and the primal act of drawing itself.