Carolyn Whittaker is a printmaker, sculpture and installation artist. Originally from Lancashire and now a practising artist in London; she returned to her childhood passion in her late forties, after having children herself; studied part time for seven years, and graduated in 2015 from the University of East London with a First Class Honours in Fine Art and won the Dean’s Prize for Art and Design.

There is an inherent fascination in Carolyn’s work with the unstoppable nature of time’s ability to change things. The viewer can often experience this ephemeral process and associated risks, in the reformation of wax, ice, jelly or ice cream forms as they burn or melt. The unpredictable metamorphosis of these works create a contrasting tension with her cast and carved immutable bronze and stone forms.

Carolyn’s recent practice explored the subject of migration, refugees and closing borders by continuing to use ephemeral performance in this recent series to provide a narrative behind the fragility and unpredictable outcomes of the refugee journey. Her current practice and response to the global pandemic, is to document windows and their vista’s and imprint the memories of a collective confinement into plaster.

Submissions to recent group exhibitions; Concrete Blue, Sculpt II, Geography of Interiors and the Death of Art in London explored these themes with her pieces ‘Outside: In’, ‘The Mothership’, ‘Dahlias of the Sea’, and ‘Twisted Sole’.

Carolyn has just secured a place on the Turps Banana MASS course.