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Jack Laver

Jack Laver is a London based multimedia artist and musician. His experiments with ink, adhesive and resin,
investigate dependency and dissonance through material passage. These vast surfaces, at times, share a resemblance to action painting, or aerial landscape photography, yet retain their sculptural, fluid presence. What we are offered comes from conditions that are far less concerned with human centred perspectives, and retreat from means of categorisation. The works stand in recognition of materials, and depend on their performance, as oscillating forms resonate with veins, roots, weather systems, or avenues of fractured river systems that cut through the landscape. Even stranger bodies of material discourse have symmetry with their
composition. A bridge to that which withdraws from access, hidden by subterranean depths, or the limited perception we gain from our momentary blip of existence. Laver offers nonlinear structures of contemplation that speak to the physical realities of nature.

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