Hannah Dargavel-Leafe uses sound to investigate sites, landscapes and objects by making field recordings that are then reworked and mixed digitally to describe something of the atmosphere or experience of the subject. Her subjects are the gaps between things or the edges of place: a pedestrian subway, the planes on a runway, air trapped in the plumbing. The sound pieces then generate a larger body of work that includes sculpture, video, drawing and short prose.

Dargavel-Leafe abstracts the recordings into short loops which serve to both retain a moment of the initial encounter and to evolve, morphing as rhythms and patterns are formed through repetition. The interplay between the outcomes in her practice refer to Dub as a methodology for transformation — sampling, filtering, layering and looping — between the sound and the physical works.

Dargavel-Leafe graduated with a BA from Manchester School of Art in 2010 and an MA from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2016. She has exhibited at the International 3 in Manchester, the Bluecoat in Liverpool and featured in Ambit Magazine.