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Min Woo Nam

Min Woo Nam (1994) is a Korean artist who currently lives and works in London. Min Woo graduated from the London School of Economics in 2016. After graduation, he was conscripted into the Korean army and served for two years. During his service, he was stationed in South Sudan as part of the UN peacekeeping force. The unfamiliar environment there inspired him to embark on a personal exploration of the nature of existence and the notion of 'Self'. Min Woo's work has been exhibited internationally, including at the RA Summer Exhibition in 2022.
My paintings serve as conduits to realms beyond the ordinary, inviting viewers to transcend mundane experiences and delve into profound depths of existence. With meticulous precision in colour choices and brushstrokes, I strive to evoke powerful moods and create immersive experiences that capture the ever-evolving consciousness. My work guides us towards abstract and conceptual understanding and encourages viewers to embark on transformative journeys of self-reflection and profound discovery.

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