Marc Prats (1995) is a London-based artist born in Barcelona. He is currently completing an MA in Painting at The Royal College of Art in London and previously received his BA in Lİberal Arts and Sciences from Utrecht University (2016).  UnAN MA 


Prats has exhibited internationally, including a show at the Christian Marx Gallery in Düsseldorf (2020). He has also been shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize (2019) among others.  


In his view, painting’s physicality, slowness and history facilitate contemplation, an antidote to attention-grabbing algorithms, which roam our digitized image-saturated culture to propagate content that seeks a superficial form of entertainment. With his highly detailed figurative work the artist aspires to a more enthralling journey than a kitten-filled Instagram reel. Namely, a series of intertwined painted narratives that take his experience with technology as a starting point to discuss pivotal questions on life in the 21st Century.