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"Princess" by Edem Kelman - Film Screening and Director Q+A at The Bomb Factory Marylebone

MONDAY: 27th March, 7pm

One day you might find a balloon on the floor and ask: Who did it once belong to? Whose face did it light up? What joy was it once commemorating, now only to be trodden on and wheeled over between alleyways and curbs?

Join us on Monday the 27th March at 7pm at The Bomb Factory Marylebone, 206 Marylebone Road, for a screening of the award winning film "Princess” by rising young filmmaker Edem Kelman. A troubled mother takes her daughter out for the day on Dalston High Street in East London. Unable to financially provide for her princess, she resorts to petty theft to make the day feel special.

Edem Kelman is an aspiring film director from London. He has been making films with whatever materials he could get his hands on for many years. His 2019 short Paper Planes was made in conjunction with Low Key Productions. Princess is his first film alongside producer Noah Reich, who he met during their undergraduate studies at UCL. Edem is known to every cinema employee in London – when he’s not making films, he’s almost always watching them. He is now writing his debut feature Duke, inspired by his parents’ experiences in the West African diaspora in London in the early 2000s. “It’s inspired by my father as this enigmatic figure and the community that forms around him,” says Kelman. Film4 is backing Duke, which he hopes to shoot in 2023, and as a warm-up is also funding his next short, Untitled Coach Story — three interlinked stories showing London “as a city of dreamers”.

Alongside this special film screening we will also hold a special Q+A between Edem Kelman and artist and curator Marcus Nelson, discussing the filmmakers inspirations, how he approaches his craft and what his advice would be to younger filmmakers.

DATE: Monday 27th March

TIME: 7pm

LOCATION: 206 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ


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