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REDEYE'S Film & Arts Festival at The Bomb Factory Marylebone

We are excited to be hosting this three day film and arts event organised by REDEYE titled 'Celebrating Soul'. REDEYE are a not-for-profit organisation formed to encourage young, underrepresented voices and enrich creative conversations by hosting a monthly, non-western focused film club. To commemorate the end of their first season they are inviting you to celebrate the community and artists they have worked with.

Expect plenty of fun and engaging activities to enjoy, including film screenings, exhibitions, acting workshops, Sip & Paint, and a Creativity and Mindfulness workshop.

Festival Overview

Film Screenings

Darryl Daley's work is created through a second-generation gaze, configured within the pillars of object, memory and imagination. The film looks at the concept of home and the idea of identity as memory. Archive and imagination collide to create a space of existence between the past and present.

Emma Zinha views liberation and cultural production as intimately intertwined. Zinha is a scholar, artist, and activist, working with photography, video and prose. Zinha presents a documentary about black women, black lives, and their potential motherhood.

Clémentine Bedos, Assia Ghendi, Verity Coward and Holly Hunters film 'METAMORPH' is a multi-disciplinary interpretation of the classical myth of Daphne, the nymph who transformed into a laurel tree to escape being raped by the god Apollo. This narrative is reframed through a queer, transcultural and multi-species lens to consider alternative interpretations around consent, social agency, and their relationship to the landscape.

Ain Bailey's 'Our Wedding'. Ain is a sound artist inspired by ideas and reflections on silence and absence, architectural urban spaces, and feminist activism. Our Wedding speaks to the transitory nature of our experience, our memories of those experiences, and our knowledge that we cannot hold life in statis. The video intertwines imagery from her parents’ wedding album with poetry by Remi Graves and an original soundtrack.

Art Exhibition

Featuring artists: Goncalo Neto, Jamiu Agboke, Remi Ajani, Sola Olulode, Devine Southgate, Hamed Maiye, Emmanuel Awuni, Fungai Benhura, Covo, JJ and WAA

Workshops, Live Music & Vendors

Sat 2nd September

4-5pm, The Acting Workshop with Seyi Falas

An opportunity for people to explore how to embody and transform words on the page and breathe life into them.

4-5pm, Mindfulness & Creativity workshop with Clémentine Bedos

Led by transdisciplinary artist Clémentine Bedos, attendees will gain 'tools' for everyday acts of care. Participants will be led through meditative visualisation and breathwork to explore the transformative and healing possibilities of embodied presence, movement as medicine and the radical power of imagination.

5.30-8.15pm, Film Screenings + Panel Conversation

Featuring films by: Darryl Daley Emma Zinha Clémentine Bedos, Assia Ghendi, Verity Coward, Holly Hunter and Ain Bailey.

8.30-9.30pm, The Sip & Paint workshop with Cam Portland

This workshop aims to engage participants in live painting exercises. This isn't your typical paint in silence art lesson. Prepare to set your creativity free in a welcoming, vibrant social environment.

9pm-10.30pm, Live music!


SAINT OGUN highlights the Caribbean and Nigerian background of its creators, centred in London. It has a track record of working with cultural groups, organising exhibitions, and creating content for the African and Caribbean diaspora.

Stepre Tasty Kitchen is a family-owned business that provides excellent culinary and catering services, specialising in a wide range of West African cuisine.

Free tickets and more info here.

LOCATION: 206 Marylebone Road, London NW1 6JQ.

DATES: Saturday, September 2nd. 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

The festival will remain open as an exhibition until September 4th.


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