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We're in Frieze this month! Halim A. Flowers Update

The Bomb Factory sends a huge 'thank-you!' to Frieze Magazine for giving us this opportunity to promote our Foundation as well as our forthcoming show ‘Love is the Antibody’ with the multi-discipline American artist Halim A. Flowers.

An artist, writer, designer, speaker, activist and social justice entrepreneur, Halim A. Flowers was arrested at the age of 16 and sentenced to 40 years to life imprisonment under the law of accomplice liability. His experience as a child in a correctional institution was filmed in the award-winning documentary ‘Thug Life in DC,’ and during his 22 years of incarceration, Flowers published 11 books via his own publishing company, SATO Communications, which included memoirs, self-help books and poetry. He also took Georgetown University courses through the Georgetown Prison Scholars Programme, leading Professor Marc Howard to describe him as ‘one of the best students I’ve ever had in the classroom […] a person of tremendous intelligence, dedication and integrity.’ Flowers recounts: ‘learning entrepreneurship from selling crack cocaine in the streets at the age of 12, I transferred that ambition for self enterprise to spread my message of love beyond the walls that sought to make me invisible […]. Held in a cage for 22 years, I began crafting my personal method of artistic expression to find some sense of peace in a hopeless place before my resurrection back into the “real” world.’ In his pursuit for a sense of peace, Flowers was driven to launch his campaign for a ‘Love Revolution’ - a mission to ‘inspire others to love radically beyond the superficial barriers that serve to separate us from seeing how we are all connected to each other.’ As well as advocating the dogma of universal peace and community, the majority of Flowers’ artwork, writing and Spoken Word pieces have a political crosscurrent, offering his own highly nuanced commentary on the corruption of the criminal justice system in America; racial inequalities and the Black Lives Matter movement and the presidential election among other important social issues.

Halim's solo exhibition 'Love is the Antibody' at the Bomb Factory will be his first in Europe. Click here for more information.

Please note, this exhibition is postponed due to Covid-19.


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