Samin Ahmadzadeh is an Iranian artist based in London. She completed her MA in Photography at Central Saint Martin’s

in 2013. Her work is collected internationally and has been exhibited in America, Iran, UK, France, Netherlands, and Spain.

Samin’s work is mainly based on weaving archival photographs together with a focus on the wider concepts of memory and cultural identity. She explores how the memory of our experiences can contribute to our perceived identities.

She applies the interwoven images to birch plywood surfaces that are then sanded and varnished, resulting in a three-dimensional object. Weaving has become synonymous with her practice, becoming a motif within her work. The process of physically manipulating portraits allows her to explore the relationship between form, colour, and surface to illustrate ideas on memory.

While the photographic medium is the starting point of her practice, she experiments with image manipulation to better illustrate her ideas concerning cross-cultural perspectives on identity.