Yewande YoYo Odunubi is a neurodivergent artist, cultural producer and researcher working in the spaces between curation, performance, dance, research and facilitation. Her practice is centred around the core enquiry: what does the body need to dream? Using a reflexive approach, Yewande places the (and her) body at the centre of her practice, playing and experimenting with different conditions that might nurture and give possibility to a thriving, dreaming self. She is interested in how theory and practice can be processed and actioned in the body through movement.


Alongside friend, poet and curator Rohan Ayinde, Yewande is one half of the wayward, motile collaborative duo Working across mediums and between individual practices, often explores the relationship between source material and final output through acts of collaborative improvisation and experimental process. Imagining blackness as a site through which to navigate, they drift between text, movement, mark-making, video and curatorial projects to develop language(s) that help them map new horizons for being/becoming in this world.