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LIFE WITHOUT BUILDINGS - Jack Laver’s Artist in Residence Show in Kensington Arcade

We are pleased to present Jack Laver’s artist in residence show in collaboration with Kensington + Chelsea Art Week with thanks to Ashby Capital.

Showcasing his newest works alongside artists Georges Kachaamy and Peter Morris in the group show Life Without Buildings, the Bomb Factory’s artist in residence Jack Laver has experimented with ink, adhesive and resin to investigate dependency and dissonance through the material passage.

Laver’s latest works stand in recognition of materials, a reliance on their performance, as oscillating forms resonate with veins, roots, weather systems, or avenues of fractured river systems that cut through the landscape. Even wider geological bodies of material discourse can be identified. A bridge to that which withdraws from access, hidden by subterranean depths, or the limited perception we gain from our momentary blip of existence. Laver offers nonlinear structures of contemplation that speak to the physical realities of nature.

LOCATION: Kensington Arcade, London W8 5SF

DATES: 14th- 29th Sept. (Closed Sunday/Monday)

OPEN STUDIO: 9th - 12th Sept, 12 – 6pm

PRIVATE VIEW: 14th Sept, 6 – 8pm. RSVP


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