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The Bomb Factory Art Foundation was founded on the premise that art and creative culture offer significant value to society.


Our mission is to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in the viewing and creation of art, and to support artists, cultural organisations and educational institutions. The Bomb Factory enables contemporary visual arts practice to thrive through the provision of affordable studio and exhibition space as well as a supportive network for creatives where peer collaboration and critique is encouraged.

All resident artists support the organisation by contributing their skills and time to the public programme. Their engagement with learning and participation enables The Bomb Factory Art Foundation to demonstrate the social value of art.


  • To encourage participation in the arts in the local and wider community by providing an active programme of exhibitions, screenings and performance events, workshops and community projects in our gallery and workshop space. ​


  • ​​To provide an education programme enabling people of any age or background to participate and explore their creative abilities and understanding.


  • To offer opportunities for the creation of work and exchange, as well as an introduction to the wider art community and networks through our outreach projects with local schools, colleges and institutions.

  • To create a sustainable arts-hub that serves the local and wider community, and to encourage excluded groups and individuals to feel included.


  • To forge relationships with like-minded organisations both nationally and internationally, with the intention of fostering creative, dynamic and mutually beneficial collaborations.

  • To provide conditions in which artists from all backgrounds and at any stage in their career can thrive.​

  • ​To support artists through providing affordable studio spaces with an active creative community and through engagement in our public programme.

  • To take risks and challenge public and professional perceptions of what constitutes contemporary visual culture stimulating our audiences into experiencing all forms of contemporary art.


The original site of Bomb Factory Art Foundation is based in a Victorian warehouse in Archway, North London. Over the years, the building has been used in a myriad of ways, most notably as a munitions factory during the second world war. The surrounding area at the top of Holloway was heavily bombed in an attempt to destroy the building. The Foundation's name derives from this moment in local history.

Recent acquisitions enabled us to take occupancy at a new site on 535 King's Road, Chelsea. This is an exciting, new community hub where home to over 50 local artists and a gallery that serves as an event space for all our exhibitions and education programmes, to support public engagement in the new area. 




The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is supported in part by the generous help of the partnership between Islington Council, the Cripplegate Foundation and RBKC.

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