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Open Call for young artists aged 10 - 16 with a passion for life and who want to spread the word on a poster!

Posters have had a huge influence over all of our lives. Used since the advent of commercial printing, they continue to be used as a fast-track way to highlight injustices and to raise awareness about all sorts of things - political, social, or environmental, for example - or just to publicise an event or meeting in a way that is immediate and visually engaging.

The poster was used to spread the word quickly and affordably to a large audience and they are designed to seek an immediate response. Look at our examples of the posters below that include old and contemporary posters about climate change, political elections, health awareness and film promotions.

From when paper was first affordable to the present day, posters have been used to provoke a direct reaction with an audience. This is your opportunity to create a punchy poster to air your thoughts, whether a protest or a passion.

What do you want to say? How can you get people to see what you think? How can you get support for your cause? How can people change their mind through a visual work?

We are asking you to create a poster on an A3 piece of paper. This should be an image that communicates a strong message whether political, environmental, commercial or social. Remember to think about what you are trying to say in the simplest way, and what and how you want to deliver your message: is it inspirational, motivational, affirmative or transportational?

The most sophisticated and thought-provoking posters will be selected by a panel of professional fine artists, and will be featured in an exciting exhibition in our Bomb Factory South Gallery on Lots Road in Chelsea later this year. Art materials also awarded to the 3 top winning entries!

Submission details:

Accepting submissions from all 10 - 16 year olds!

Send your A3 poster by email to by 3rd April 2022.

Include your name, age and contact email address.


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