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Pallas Citroen

Before pursuing a life into the world of art, Pallas Citroen had to go through diverse paths in order to figure that being an artist was the only career she could deal with.

“My passion for art started when I was young but then I got quite delayed with modelling. Now, however, I rather not do anything else.” Her legs leaning on the table and her back lying on the sofa, Pallas is cutting a series of designs in pieces. “This is the way I work,” she explains smiling. Her studio, based in Archway, North London, is where the magic happens. Bright colours are the recurring detail in Pallas’ studio: walls emanate an intriguing energy, brushes on the shelves and on the floor and ‘work in progress’ paintings are just the breadcrumbs of upcoming projects for this year. The celebration of the brand new Bomb Factory Art Foundation is among them: an art hub to establish a culturally enriching resource for the creative community with a series of exhibitions, events, open workshops, and artist talks.

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