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Paula Parole

Drawing from self-fiction and auto-theory, Parole uses her art as a medium to digest life, unpack relational behaviours and introspective patterns. Poetic humour weaves through vibrant, eclectic installations where
memories and future projections are reflected through a range of styles and materials. Her experiences are
dissected, inspected and reassembled in the ultimate attempt to demystify them and dismantle internalised
narratives around womanhood, destiny and fairy tale romance. Such a surgical and emotional process resolves in artworks which reflect rituals of closure initiated by the smell of incense or the sound of rippling oysters. It is in the tension between keeping and letting go that catharsis manifests, and inner transformation occurs.
Paula Parole studied BA in Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Art Maastricht, Netherlands, where she focused on film and graduated with distinction in 2016. After two short movies, which won a few prizes, Parole redirected her practice from film to fine art. She started her studio practice whilst working as an art mediator for the Boros Collection Berlin. Since 2020, she has been based in London, where she received a graduate diploma in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art with distinction. In July 2023, Parole graduated with distinction with a Master of Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, for which she had been awarded the Mona Hatoum Foundation scholarship.

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