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Yeonju Son

My practice is related to a fundamental question of the relationship between the world and ’ I ‘ which is flexible, ambiguous, uncertain and paradoxical. I’m working with diverse materials including painting, drawing, small gestures, installation in relation to ideas of transforming, interconnecting, time and sensitivity.

In painting, I explore abstract imagery that emerges from the overly layered texture on the surface as a non-narrative form, which creates its own sense in relation to the archetype of the desire both individual and universal. The sculpture and installation series are based on the ideas of temporality, fluidity, singularity in time-space as the interpreted form with aspect of connection . It is playful and conceptual. The work connected with context visible and invisible creating the specific moment and presented documenting form as an ongoing process. Along with the process of dismantling the perceptions and thoughts encountered, the way I rearranged them in my own way is the process of understanding life.

In my work, I put effort into breaking up all the context I have, even in my life. I just want to exist as an existence. My concept of art is related to oriental philosophy called ‘Mua, 무아, 無我’, The direct meaning of the word itself is that there is no me, but there is me because there is no me. What this means is that everything is nothing, including all the possibilities like nature.

I want to retain the traces of every moment that we, you, and I shared - the passing evidence of lives, the flowing existence that I cherish, love, even in moments of loss or disappearance. I just want to remain as unknown flows, and do not want to forget my sensitivity throughout my lifetime. One thing that I truly believe is, we are still connected to each other, even if we do not have physical distance anymore.

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