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Love Come Down

A Night of Sex, Drugs & New Writing*
*Sex and Drugs Not Guaranteed

​​​​Saturday 22nd February 2020  8 pm-Late


The Factory Theatre Workshop is an emerging female-led theatre company that focuses on developing young, female writers through a process of excavation and experimentation. Through conducting workshops at the Bomb Factory Arts Foundation, the company is creating a community that nurtures new writing and pioneers female representation in the arts.

It's Saturday the 22nd of February, you're in the reduced chocolate section in Tesco, and you can't remember how you got here.

You're trying not to think about the fact that your best Valentine's yet was when your year 6 girlfriend asked you to the PGL Disco. Or maybe, it was in year 10 when you finally got to dry hump the boy you had been chirpsing on BBM. You walked home smelling like Lynx Africa.

Who'd have guessed, in 2020 (at your big age) that you would spend Valentine's Day festering on the sofa, compulsively watching 'First Dates' and googling which star sign is most compatible with Capricorn?

Or maybe you used up a 241 Pizza Express voucher to sit opposite your significant other, trying to ignore the smear of garlic butter on their chin and the overwhelming feeling that your life is slowly passing you by.

It's all hitting you a bit too hard in aisle 5. Resist the urge to text your ex (or at least buy them a ticket) and remember that loneliness is a part of your brand™. Which also includes theatre. And wine. So come along to Love Come Down, and feel sorry for yourself in style.


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