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Autumn 2020 Update

The Bomb Factory is fully COVID-compliant in line with Government guidelines. We have installed sanitisation areas at the entrance and at strategic points in the gallery and bathrooms. We will be supplying masks for use in the gallery space and access to exhibitions will be restricted, with limited numbers of visitors and enforced social distancing. For Private Views, please book in advance via our website and Eventbrite. To book an appointment once an exhibition has opened, please email with your request. Before entry, all visitors must fill out the mandatory Track and Trace form, accessible by scanning the QR code pictured on our event signage. As you enter, please show confirmation of the form’s completion to the person at the door. All artists, studio holders and visitors should abide by government guidance to protect yourselves and others and stop the spread of the virus.

On 14th October we are looking forward to opening our first exhibition of the year with British sculptor and taxidermist Polly Morgan. Her solo exhibition 'How to Behave at Home' takes as its title an admonition from a book on Victorian etiquette, and in her juxtapositions of animal forms constrained within man-made structures, the artist highlights the unavoidable creep of nature in our lives and the impossibility of absolute restraint. 

As Morgan writes: 'Confined to our homes this spring, communicating via binary code, engaging with friends, lovers and family in two-dimensional hyper-reality, our avatars have taken over, increasingly shaped by the rapidly evolving social strictures that dictate our lives'.

This will be shortly followed on 5th November with an exhibition by Halim A. Flowers, a multidisciplinary artist, writer, designer, speaker, activist and social justice entrepreneur from Washington DC who we are delighted to welcome for his first-ever European show.

Halim Flowers was arrested at the age of 16 and sentenced to 40 years to life imprisonment under the law of accomplice liability. Flowers recounts: ‘learning entrepreneurship from selling crack cocaine in the streets at the age of 12, I transferred that ambition for self enterprise to spread my message of love beyond the walls that sought to make me invisible […] held in a cage for 22 years, I began crafting my personal method of artistic expression to find some sense of peace in a hopeless place before my resurrection back into the “real” world.’

Matter (2020)

Acrylic, oil sticks on canvas

101.6  x 101.6  x 7.62cm

Both of the above shows will be part of a series of virtual exhibitions and limited-capacity live events intended to widen our audience and increase accessibility to those that would not otherwise be able to attend.

Finally, as an update on the five winners of The Bomb Factory Free Summer School Programme - the artists are making great progress and have been working with their specialist mentors. The Bomb Factory aims to amplify the voices of marginalised groups through arts, and with this in mind we can't wait to exhibit their work at the end of the process.

Pallas Citroen, Director of The Bomb Factory


Buying artwork through The Bomb Factory will support our artists, as well as our growing Educational Programme and community outreach workshops. Please contact Pallas today and request a catalogue of our studio holders and exhibiting artists, via 


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