Past Events

Shell Shelter and Raven Ravine

Pallas Citroen and Anna Reading

Private View

Thursday 19th September 6-9pm


20th Sept-4th October

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation present "Shell Shelter and Raven Ravine" an  exhibition of Sculpture and Installation by  Anna Reading , 2018-19 winner of The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, and Pallas Citroen, whose work was recently chosen for The Creekside Open exhibition at the APT Gallery in Deptford.

Both artists are working in some way with the idea of our interconnection with nature.


Reading’s practice addresses the absurd relationship between the organic and the synthetic. Her sculptures appear familiar and puzzling at once, existing between life form & architecture, ancient & futuristic, and decay & regeneration. Reading aims to foreground the illogical, the emotional, and the sensory. For Shell Shelter and Raven Ravine, Reading will present a new printed vinyl floor work produced specifically for the Bomb Factory. The digital collage is comprised of Reading’s own photographic images of the Scottish Isle of Staffa, layering its hexagonal black basalt columns and colonies of white limpets in a disorientating camouflage. The island, for Reading, is at once an ancient sculptural outcrop as well as an ultramodern host for organic growth, and acts as a site of inspiration for the sculptures shown here. Reading’s work for the exhibition is funded by The Elephant Trust.


Citroen's practice concerns the seduction of surfaces in nature and how we try to replicate the sublime or that very instant  when confronted by the imposing, majestic natural word. She plays with ideas of desirability and attraction, often using heavily manufactured materials such as plastics, acrylics, and fluorescents to replicate things found in or from nature. Her use of these types of materials is specific in questioning ideas around taste, as well as the permanence - or otherwise - of the art-object.

The exhibition runs for two weeks from 20th Sept-4th Oct and an additional music and performance event is  planned .

During the evening of 27th September and in partnership with the Emerge Festival, we are excited to host contemporary Music and Performance Art group JIZ ( Hua Hua records) and electronica duo Among|Bright|Lights alongside DJ sets from Mekon, Iz from Jiz, Fat Harry, and Dispraxsick. Also expect a special performance by Harry Smithson with his extraordinary sound suit.





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