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An Evening of Live Performance 

Come along to The Bomb Factory Art Foundation in Archway for a whole night dedicated to exhibiting and celebrating live performance!

The artists performing at STAGED are:

Anna Jacob

Kerry O'Connor

Katherine Plumb

Harry Smithson

Shareen Sorour

Roisin Sullivan

Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart

Natalie Wardle


STAGED is a curatorial project founded in 2017 which aims to give performance practitioners a platform to stage work to a live audience, and to engage and facilitate audience interaction and learning by promoting performance art within local communities.The difficulty which comes with creating performance is how it breaches the gap from the private to the public space, and how it can be available and encourage wider engagement and audience participation in a city where performance is not as widely known or accessible as other art forms.STAGED hopes that by facilitating performance practice outside of the studio or institution at local level, the boundary between artist and spectator becomes more vague, and these walls can begin to collapse when an audience is brought in proximity to the work.In providing performance practitioners the opportunity to stage their work outside of the studio or institution, STAGED assists them in the development of their ideas through hands on and practical application, and in doing so exposes performance art to and engages wider communities who may not be so familiar with this kind of art making.A big thank you to The Bomb Factory Art Foundation for supporting the realisation of this event!We look forward to seeing you there! STAGED is curated by Kaitlyn Walker-Stewart.


For further information, please contact Pallas Citroen:

E:  T: +44 (0) 7939 049731

Notes to Editors

About The Bomb Factory


The Bomb Factory Art Foundation was founded on the premise that art, artists and creative culture offer significant value in our society. Our mission is to support artists, cultural organisations and educational institutions to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in the viewing and creation of art. The Bomb Factory enables contemporary visual arts practice to thrive through the provision of affordable studio and exhibition space as well as a supportive network of artists where peer collaboration and critique is encouraged. 

Location: The Bomb Factory, Unit 2, 9-15 Elthorne Rd, London N19 4AJ 

+44 (0) 203 211 0034

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