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BILLY X - An Open Discussion at The Bomb Factory Archway

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation in discussion with Billy X & Guest speakers, followed by Q&A:

Looking at using art in a way to tell stories and stereotypes of black male sexuality. Our panel will also be discussing: Why - in the art school system - young black people don’t have a presence: Is it cultural, financial, discriminatory, etc? How can art schools be more inclusive, and how has this affected the contemporary art scene today?

Supporting this is a young artist called Billy X who has been a resident in The Bomb Factory Art Foundation for 2 years. After a year and a half of doing music and physical theater, Billy came across painting as a way of giving voice to his creative potential. Following positive encouragement at a Horses Mouth Artist Critiques, Billy started painting furiously and eventually built a body of work for the current show X Land. This exhibition of extraordinary and revealing paintings are autobiographical in nature and speak to not only the inner workings of the artist but a wider community that has been underrepresented in the contemporary art scene.

Guest Speakers

Moses is a young black artist based in London, currently studying at UAL. He organises an event called 'Black Magic' which promotes young black artists and creates safe spaces for expression. His writing focuses on the importance of amplifying black voices and speaks from his perspective as a queer trans man on issues of representation within the arts and broader community spaces.

DATE: Wednesday 14th June, 6-8pm

LOCATION: Unit 2, Boothby Road, Archway N19 4AJ


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