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FLESHED OUT - Group Show at The Bomb Factory Covent Garden

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation presents "Fleshed Out" a multi-media group show in our Covent Garden Gallery.

All four artists; Rachel Fleminger Hudson, Rosie Gibbons, Joanna van Son, and Claire Lawrie are presenting widely diverse works whose commonality is the representation of the female form. Coming from a range of feminine perspectives, this is not a dry representation of the female gaze but rather an exploration of the female body itself, in all of its vicissitudes.

From Gibbon's, amusing fleshy trouser suit, and Fleminger Hudson's ironic high fashion shots, to the abject and visceral paintings of Joanna van Son and the miraculous birth triptych by filmmaker and photographer, Lawrie. The diversity of the works in the exhibition encompasses a broad range of experiences and insights into femaleness.

The viewpoints of these four women bring to light different facets of the female experience, highlighting what it means to be and be seen and questioning our preconceptions of looking at the real and imagined female form.

Exhibition curated by Pallas Citroen and Maria Dragoi

Location: 99-103 Longacre, WC2E 9NR

Private View: 19th of May, 6-9pm

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am - 6pm until the 31st of May


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