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HOT IN HERE - Group Sculpture Exhibition at The Bomb Factory Archway

Hot in Here explores a state of transformation aligning with the summer's heat, showing multidisciplinary works that appear out of control. In that middle state, where vessels shift, boundaries are breached and realities slide out of focus.

The London summer brings us euphoria - it is clear our brain chemistry changes, and the rigidness of winter melts away. However, alongside the joy it also brings discomfort, physically and psychologically. We are sticky and sweaty. We anticipate this fleeting period of summer, only to be confronted with the depths of winter yet again.

This exhibition looks at the dichotomy between our expectations and reality, reflecting on the perpetual cycle of yearning for this utopian state of mind. Artworks take the form of ‘melting’ sculptures, charred remains of food, sinking ships and expanding paintings.

Ellie Niblock is an artist working with sculpture and digital technologies. She is fascinated with making an  intangible emotion or memory become tangible, through multiple mediums. She weaves together  elements from her memory and intertwines them with distorted recollections, creating a vivid blend of  fantasy and real-life experiences. 

Emma Ogawa Todd works across various mediums to explore the complexities of mixed identities,  wrestling with the displacement of self and the in-between. 

Sid and Jim are a London based collaboration working in film, sculpture, painting, performance and  audio. Their work proposes situations and starts stories for the viewer to invent or complete, encouraging  them to fill the gaps and build their own narrative. 

Marine One is a visual artist who works in a range of media, including painting, sculpture, video and  textiles. The captivating sensation of discomfort that arises when confronted with uncanny, strange, and  intriguing imagery serves as a central pillar of her artistic creations.

Image on poster by Marine One.

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 11th July, 6-9pm

DATES: 11th - 28th July, Thurs - Sun, 12-6pm

LOCATION: Unit 2, Boothby Road, N19 4AJ


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