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IN RAPTURE: Group Painting Exhibition


April 2024

Crafting stories and constructing immersive worlds were once some of the most seductive callings to the medium for painters. However, for poets, writers, and artists, the narrative almost became obsolete, lost in favour of fine art that appeared to necessitate an ‘intellectualised’ approach to be understood. Narrative art was dismissed as mere ornamentation against a complex, rapidly changing, and ultimately digitised art world. However, a resurgence in narrative art has emerged in recent years.

Why the revival? And what in our current climate makes us crave this return to traditional modalities of expression? In the wake of the pandemic, perhaps we need a breadth of stories—access to other worlds that signal a departure from our own. In any case, we must ask ourselves whether this resurgence can alter our perspectives, or whether the return of narrative art is representative of our need for escape.

By curating an exhibition that brings together emerging contemporary painters, our aim is to celebrate and showcase the enduring power and influence of painting, and tease out the hidden narratives that lie within the works on view. In a showcase of The Bomb Factory’s artistic community, In Rapture presents works from a selection of our studio holders and others, whose work celebrates the art of storytelling.

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