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PARABIOSIS: Rosie Gibbens


May 2024

‘Parabiosis’ is a surgical technique in medical research where two living organisms (often rats) are sewn together so that they share a physiological system. Inspired by this process, along with speculative scientific theories about artificial wombs, Rosie has made a new series that responds to her pregnancy and the future of birth. Puppets will be brought to life and bodies melded with machines…

Rosie Gibbens is a British artist who makes performances, videos, sculptures and photographs that feature her body. Using absurd humour, she explores gender performativity, sexual politics, consumer desire, labour and the slippery overlaps between these. She often makes sculptures that combine everyday objects with sewn body parts and become props in the performances or films. The mindset behind her work is of someone attempting to participate seamlessly in contemporary life, but not quite managing.

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