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Edie Flowers

Edie Flowers, born in 1994 in London, engages in an experimental artistic practice spanning sculpture, drawing, and writing, currently living and working in London, UK. Her drawn creations, characterized by a figurative and dreamlike quality, often delve into the autobiographical. Conversely, her sculptures lean towards conceptualism and object-based exploration, utilizing tactile and cost-effective materials.

Raised amidst the urban landscape of South London and the solitude of a Lake District hill farm, Edie navigates a duality of self, a performance oscillating between light and dark, acceptance and rejection, amplified by the challenges of womanhood. Her artwork portrays various iterations of herself, embodied in gestural self-portraits that reflect different emotional states. Initially appearing nurturing, these figures upon closer inspection reveal darker undertones, symbolized by actions like hair-pulling or grasping hands.

Informed by her studies in sculpture and drawing, materiality plays a crucial role in Edie's artistic process, with a preference for rudimentary yet effective mediums such as charcoal, pastels, and acrylic paint, alongside unconventional materials like dust sheets and broken furniture. Edie's work serves as a conduit for communication, avoiding excessive explanation to invite interpretation and transformation, offering a sanctuary for both artist and viewer alike.

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