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Max Rumbol

Max Rumbol lives and works in London, UK. He earned his BFA in Fine Art in 2019 from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford. Rumbol’s assemblages transcend the practices of sculpture, wood carving and painting bringing the result into a unique blend of craft and high art. His work largely reflects on artistry and authenticity, exploring the
dialogue between art objects and the history or myths that surround them. Rumbol begins with pencil sketches
which progress into digital drawings, finally reproduced and transformed into a physical assemblage through a process involving laser cutting, digital printing, collage and painting. The works particularly reflect on surface and its relationship to the digital space, with Rumbol manually working each physical plane in a different way to reveal or hide the trace of the artist and machine’s hand. In doing so, a dialogue is created where one can
question what the artist’s role is or where their hand lies.

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