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Noa Weintraub

Noa Weintraub is a London based artist working predominantly in ceramics. With a background in Fine Art and fashion, Noa interweaves these two worlds together and creates objects that not only celebrate her passion for decoration but also for history and textiles.
Conscious of referencing traditional female activities such as lace making, cake decoration and baking, Noa is
interested in women’s roles and place in society. She uses her ceramic practice, to question what we regard as female activities. Pushing these ideas further; embellishing her vessels with frills and heavily decorating them with painted lace designs, allows for the ephemeral existence of icing, and the fragility of lace to be preserved. Textures, textiles, details, patterns and her fascination with lace, have been constant reference points
throughout. She uses stoneware clay, to make work that still maintains a delicate feel. After graduating with a Fine Art degree from Chelsea College of Art, Noa’s artistic practice has travelled through design, fashion, illustration and ceramics. Initially launching her handbag label ‘girl’s best friend’, Noa sold one-off hand-painted handbags to exclusive boutiques and celebrity clients on both sides of the Atlantic.
Simultaneously, she also began fashion styling, working closely with art director Judy Blame.

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