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Sarah Lederman

Exploring fractured narratives, Sarah Lederman’s paintings revisit memories of past places, people and
moments. Varying motifs appear fleetingly across the surface of her paintings, from a bouquet of flowers to a couple engaged in an intimate moment. Imagery is sourced from art history, medieval manuscripts, erotic illustrations and more recently, generated using artificial intelligence before being rendered in oil paint. Lederman’s characters can take the form of grotesque animal hybrids or human bodies engulfed in sensual
pleasure; often whimsical they can be both erotic and repellent. Whilst her works often begin as drawings, the layers of paint eventually pervade and the figurative elements fade into the background.
Sarah Lederman holds a BA in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths
University. She has exhibited widely both in London and internationally, including in New York, Helsinki, Hong
Kong, Seoul, and Los Angeles. Sarah has shown alongside Tracey Emin and Cecily Brown. She Won the Catlin
Art Prize and was included in the Griffin Art Prize. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections

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