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Marcus Leotaud

Marcus Leotaud studied art at the Concordia University, Montreal, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 2008. Moving to London he received his Master’s in Fine Arts in 2011 from the Chelsea College of Art and Design. He describes his work:

“While stylistic schools are not a feature in contemporary art, thematically the works I produce are best understood under the umbrella of New Romanticism. As described in Max Hollein and Martina Weinhart’s catalogue for ‘Ideal Worlds’ - Behind the desire for the paradisiacal, the beautiful, and the magic of fairy tales, the dark and the eerie are present as the insight that Utopias are doomed to failure. Loneliness as an essential Romantic outlook this central subject is mainly dealt with in the form of sceneries charged with symbolic qualities. Contemporary art encompasses numerous variations of this theme which range from the threatened idyll and its invocation to the overwhelming impression of outer vastness and nature as a space for regarding the transcendental.

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