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Max Jones

Max Jones (b.1978) is a sculptor and digital artist who operated for 15 years in the architectural visualisation industry. Here he specialised in post-production using the new emerging digital matte-painting techniques to composite, render and finish high-resolution complex imagery used to sell building developments and masterplans worldwide. Working for major architectural firms via architectural visualisation offices here in London, he developed a deep understanding of the pictorial rules and psychological aspects of advertising and design imagery, as well as the self-discipline needed to pursue his true identity: contemporary artist.
In 2012 he stepped out of the office environment and was one of the first members of the studio complex that became known as The Bomb Factory. Here he experimented with improvised paintings, which he describes as cross-sectional flat sculptures. Colours were often picked at random, cheap household paints were preferred and the shapes were based on a long history of automatic drawing. This very personal language of emotionally-charged iconography often resembles musical notations, biological diagrams, technical drawings and has an emphasis on bizarre spatial dimensions and other experiments in visual perception. His work explores various paradoxical relationships between mind, body, and built environment, often displaying an architecturally informed understanding of the cosmos. His main mode of expression, however, is always using his hands to work materials and drawings or digital compositions and often covers multiple technologies and mediums, including sound/noise and text. His work operates within a rigorous conceptual backdrop where ideas are often tested to destruction; this is part of the process.

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