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Samiya Younis

My practice is informed by postcolonial theory, which serves as a guiding framework for my artistic thinking.

I create works that delve into the intricacies of identity, power dynamics, and the complexities of cultural heritage. Drawing from my experiences as a British-born second-generation woman of migrant parents from South Asian culture, I explore the intersections of childhood memories, challenging patriarchal norms, migration, belonging, and the lasting legacies of colonialism.

Through a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses sculpture, installation, performance, and painting, I aim to create work that sparks dialogue and promotes social change. The process of constructing and deconstructing materials plays a crucial role in my practice, allowing me to embody the tensions and contradictions inherent in the themes I explore. By unravelling and examining oppressive forces, both historical and present, I seek to challenge existing narratives and offer alternative perspectives.

I work in various spaces that provide me with the freedom and flexibility to experiment and create. Whether it's in my studio, where I construct and manipulate materials, or in site-specific installations that engage with the environment, I strive to create work that resonates deeply with viewers and invites them to reflect on their own experiences and beliefs.

What makes me curious is the power of art to provoke emotions, question societal norms, and ignite conversations. I am fascinated by the complexities of identity and the ways in which it intersects with notions of power and cultural heritage. Exploring these themes through my practice allows me to navigate my own personal journey of self-discovery while contributing to broader conversations on social justice, equality, and liberation.

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