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Serena Huang

Serena Huang works with video, installation, text, performance and more, and she questions the idea of truth and the hierarchical relationship in different contexts. Serena uses fragmented element to stage different scenes within the structure of cinematic and theatrical experience, resulting in pieces of fragmented narration
that connect themselves overtime.
Highlighting the glitches in history, the backstage of reality, the anecdotes behind the curtain, and distorting everyday objects, Serena's work revisits the meaningful coincidence in reality, history, prehistory, mythology, and merges the line between fiction and truth.
Through creating different anecdotes, artefacts, and scenes, Serena is piecing back together a narrative that is still happening or never happened, as a way to reflect history. The outcome of a reality is now built to speculate the possible setting and background where the outcomes belong to. The whole practice is an ongoing event that shapes itself and grows itself.

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