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Sophia Loeb

I contemplate my work as primordial scenes, otherworldly places, which are unknown to mankind, from either before or after the occupation of humans on earth. Or they are a state of awakening to the realization of ‘Creature as Landscape and Landscape as Creature’ affirming the inseparable connection of all beings as one and the same.

The work can be perceived as an encounter with the unnegated presence of a multitude of realities that perpetuate our existence, and thus gives birth to different life forms, as these then procreate from each other. It is an attempt at imagining earth’s cyclical motions of natural phenomena and the ability to reprogramme and reconstruct itself, returning to its natural state.

I believe my work to be a materialization of sensations of witnessing these primordial scenes. These could be internal (biological systems, systems of thoughts and feelings) or external (how we perceive other life forms or environments). The work encourages us to perceive our thoughts as actual structures within our beings. These thoughts mirror our intimate connection with ourselves and help us understand the responsibility of carrying our own bodies on earth at this moment in time.

The work urges us to question our anthropocentric views: how humans situate themselves disunited and separate from nature, or superior to nature, attributing only an instrumental value to it. I attempt to create images that dissolve and escape from this reality of the anthropocentric mindset; a place of the awakening of human consciousness, where we understand ourselves as being integral parts of this world, where we can view it as a system of fundamentally interconnected phenomena.

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