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Victoria Cantons

Victoria Cantons is a conceptual visual artist currently working out of London, England. Cantons’s artistic work
is varied and widely idiosyncratic and is presented in multiple mediums including painting, neon, poetry, text, performance, photographs and videos.
Cantons isn’t afraid to tackle tough subject matter in her work. The majority of her pieces deal with issues of the individual’s freedom, how people shape their beliefs, and the notion of who the individual can be. Cantons says that art is a form of resistance, and that she paints from memory but also to remember or else to reinvent, within these boundaries the truth can be alternately distorted or clarified. Cantons folds a life’s worth of art
obsessions into Ian idiosyncratic style. Throughout, she wears her artistic debts and influences on her sleeve
and does not try to throw off the world she was born into, instead, she holds it as close as one can, the works are not “after…” but to. To. To. Each a love letter from one person to another.

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