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Past Events


by Siegfried Beyers and Casper Dillen

DRAMATURGY OF THE CITY is a collaborative exhibition of Performance and Collage by two intergenerational Belgian artists. The exhibition aims to unpack ideas about Modernism and its relevance in contemporary art , and will examine what Modernism means to each generation. Through the collaboration and work of these artists, the audience is able to perceive the visual endurance of Modernism, and begin to understand how it continues to inspire.


Siegfried Beyers will be exhibiting large-scale printed collages of Sacra Conversazione over the gallery walls, these montages are not merely signs but expressions of temporality and contingency.


Casper Dillen, a young performance artist and classically trained dancer, orchestrates performative interventions and videos. Investigating what he calls ‘The Dramaturgy of the City’, Dillen will be making a series of performances that directly relates to Seigfried's work.


The culmination of the exhibition will be a symposium unpacking the symbiotic nature of the relationship between the two artists. As each component of this exhibition is formulated from the introduction of another discipline, the final works can be seen to demonstrate this relationship and dialectic.

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