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Edward Rollitt

Edward Rollitt’s central theme within his practice is the home. His work explores concepts and feelings of home as a place for intimacy; a place where we can exist and be comfortable, and as an environment that fuels our imagination. Rollitt builds rooms. Historically-inspired, full-scale interiors; scenes of the home, where his characters bathe, dine and have tea parties. Sourcing and making objects to furnish these scenes, he then photographs them, freezing the interior in a moment of time. Fictional characters inhabit these spaces, yet they are always physically absent. Who lived here? We feel them in the objects that make up the interiors. The smooth handle of a spoon used daily for years on end; the damask topped table that has been worn down by a heavy Georgian tumbler, its base making an impression into the surface. The humanity of objects is a principal interest to the artist and his work encourages us to examine our own relationships with the objects in our daily lives. How do objects become part of us? What past lives have they lived and what of us remains within them when we go?

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