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Jim Rampage

Jim's practice bounces between hand-painting text, graphics and sculpture.

The primary focus of Rampage’s practice revolves around the belief that language or text is akin to a physical material; it is like bricks or mortar. Beyond this framework, drawing on communicating fluctuating mental health spectrums and emotional states; Exuberance-Nervousness; Desire-Turmoil; Order-Disruption; Paranoia-Ecstasy; Violence-Silence. Coexisting, fluctuating, and contrasting states of mind; it is the disjunction between these lapses that intrigue and is where ideas in the studio become tidal.

Language has the dual ability to generate anxiety whilst it can simultaneously remedy it. We can arrive at actions through a way of words and at words through a way of actions. Text in society authenticates and defines spaces; the single addition of a word can change an entire directive is a methodology to making.

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