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Tia Yoon

Tia Yoon’s work explores connections—its attempts and its failures. Through shamanistic experiences of channelling energies, Yoon navigates between transgression and tenderness, via the spectacles of unknown worlds of otherness. By reclaiming the sense of alienation and engaging in fantastical posthuman experiences, Yoon's work resonates with a radical dissociation from conventional human existence. Yoon draws inspiration from ancient mythologies, wherein ethereal beings coexisted with humans, seeking to reawaken the essence of that captivating world. Engaging with notions of identity and resistance against the constraints of biopower, Yoon delves into these ancient fantasy realms, where diverse experiences and alternative lifestyles find solace—a dreamlike panorama that resonates with their hope for the contemporary society. Central to Yoon's work are fictional characters who engage in dialogues with transcendental spirits, employing a range of languages both human and ethereal—be it through rituals, incantations, or working with witchcraft materials as conduits for immersive encounters. Furthermore, Yoon derives inspiration from queer and underground club culture, harnessing radical tenderness as means of self-empowerment, introspection, and the creation of inclusive spaces. In their current artistic exploration, Tia Yoon delves into the realm of invoking spirituality within paintings, focusing on the transformative potential of materiality. By imbuing their artworks with spiritual essence, Yoon aspires to create and inhabit safe spaces, where fragmented narratives find solace and meaning. Within these evocative spaces, Yoon wishes to establish connections with their audience, engaging in a dialogue facilitated by spiritual realms.

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