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Yue Yin

Yue Yin (b.1997, Jilin, China) is an artist who is currently based in London. He utilizes different art forms to visualize his point of view on multicultural phenomena. Taking the difficulty of cultural integration as a starting point, Yin’s work explores the vulnerabilities that arise in the society. He uses such experience to relate his research on the idea of societal discomfort.

Yin has also been involved in the execution of many commissioned large-scale public art projects in various cities in China. Yin is a member of the China Sculpture Institute. He has participated in multiple institutional exhibitions, including Battersea Park, London (2022), ReA! Fair, Milan (2022), Laozi Plaza, Suzhou (2020), Sullivan Gallery, Chicago (2020), China Sculpture Museum, Datong (2018), Galerija Nevesinje, Nevesinje (2018), etc. His works have been permanently collected by School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Wuhan Overseas Chinese City, Art Jahorina, etc.

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