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Yue Yin

My work explores the challenges that arise when different cultures come together, focusing on the vulnerabilities that emerge during the process of cultural integration. As a male artist, I have noticed that societal expectations of masculinity often discourage the expression of personal vulnerability. Recognizing this, I have started to ponder the underlying reasons behind this reluctance and how we can redirect the conversation about vulnerability to a different perspective, particularly how our environment contributes to its development.

To begin this exploration, I have turned inward and considered these fundamental questions within the context of my role in the family, the nation, and even in broader social or virtual settings. These questions delve into issues of self-doubt, self-identity, and the influence of our living environment on individuals.

What kinds of vulnerabilities do we commonly experience? How do these vulnerabilities manifest and impact the world around us?

These questions are not limited to the present moment but also encompass the past and future of the subjects being studied. Drawing inspiration from living in a world shaped by geopolitical conflicts and the aftermath of epidemics, we must contemplate what attitude we should adopt in response to these circumstances.

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