The Horse's Mouth
An Online, Open Art Crit

Alternate Thursday Evenings, 6-8pm, via Zoom.

The Horse's Mouth returns!

Our open art crit is back in action (albeit online for now...) welcoming 3 presenters and 2 guest artists per session. 

We encourage artists, at any stage of their career, to submit work for a live discussion, where you will present and receive feedback on recent work and works in progress in a supportive and engaging environment.

Submission critera:

- Email with the subject ‘Horse’s Mouth Submission’
- Include a link to your work, including those you wish to discuss, and a short biography
- You must be available to attend an online, video call discussion on Thursdays from 6pm GMT - the link will be sent to you in advance. Please advise if there are any dates you cannot attend!
- All media welcome.

Horse's Mouth13.jpg

"I wanted to say a big thank you for the crit yesterday. Was great to spend the time discussing art practices and I really value the feedback on my work." - Lee M.


"Thank you for the opportunity to present some of my recent work on Thursday. It was a unique and enjoyable experience! I received some really useful feedback and comments that I'll process and take forward over coming days and weeks."  - Adam K.

"Thanks so much for yesterday's crit session and your insightful feedback. Despite the limitations of communicating digitally, I felt that you engaged with our work in a meaningful way and offered a lot to think about. I look forward to future Bomb Factory exhibitions and programming." - Anne K.

"Got to understand the value of other artists sharing their reactions and thoughts on different artworks. Very stimulating, thought-provoking and informative. Learned loads, laughed loads. Eager for more. If it's at the venue even better. Highly recommend this." - John L.