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A NEW DAWN, A NEW DAY - Group Show at The Bomb Factory Marylebone

A Group Show of Established and Emerging Artists

On the edge of the abyss,

we are looking sideways

through our fingers

at the end of life

as we know it.

Whilst all around us

there are fires and floods,

we think only of trying

to stay afloat in boats

stacked high with things,

and objects that make us feel at home

with the thought that we will survive

if on the horizon, through raging seas,

we spy a new way of being.

There is always the belief in redemption,

Hope springs eternal.

So what then is the function of art in a world that is defined by economic and environmental collapse, where war and famine are commonplace and disaster lurks at every corner?

Art has always been a representation of humankind, an extraordinary kind of magic that lies beyond comprehension. Whether it is perceived as vital or necessary here is not the question, but in these dark times can the process of making present a resistance in some way to the changing circumstances we find ourselves in?

Art summons wonder and can generate surprising outcomes. Where will it take us in this new chapter? Art summons wonder, so let's wonder, what's next?

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is an artist-led space that supports over 150 artists with affordable studios across London and a comprehensive support network for its members. This exhibition aims to bring together a mixture of established and emerging artists in a captivating show at our expansive Marylebone gallery.

Featuring works by:

Caroline Ashley | Rong Bao | Rana Begum | Pallas Citroen | Richie Culver | Jeremy Deller | Janette Parris | Jim Rampage | Catriona Robertson | Jacob Talkowski | Erika Trotzig | Nicola Turner | Mark Wallinger | Osman Yousefzada

LOCATION: 206 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ

DATES: Sunday 8th - 29th October

OPEN: Weds - Sunday, 12 - 6pm

PRIVATE VIEW: Saturday 7th October, 6 - 9pm

Special thanks to The Gallery for the inclusion of 'More Immigrants Please' by Osman Yousefzada. An original commission by The Gallery, an Artichoke Project, and presented with thanks to Artichoke Trust.


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