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'Artists Behind Bars' at Archway

"Artists Behind Bars” is an event concocted by Kitty Finer that brings together artists who share an interest in happenings, spontaneous structures of hospitality and the (part-time) role of bartending.

It is a group show where, for one night shift only, the bar is the work of art: the artist is the bartender and the spectator is the punter.

This collection of one-night-only bars will create a total installation within The Bomb Factory.

Each bar curates its own 30 minute musical interlude, selecting a chosen playlist / DJ or live performance, ever enhancing the ambiance of the night.

Artists Behind Bars has previously shown at Matt’s Gallery, The Horse Hospital, The Grand Union Gallery and most recently as part of Fierce Festival, Birmingham.

Participating Artists

The Bomb Factory, Kid Buckley, Hugo Danino of Hugo’s Speaker

Palace, Ruth Faulkner, Kitty Finer, Blaithin Mac Donnell, Noa Weintraub,

Jennie Moran

Dates: 29.09.22 6-9 pm

Location: The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, Archway

Transport: Overground - Upper Holloway, Northern Line - Archway


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