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Summer 2020 Update

"At The Bomb Factory, we believe that accessibility and mobility into the arts is a privilege that should be felt across all sections of society. We have always championed underrepresented groups in our exhibition programme, offering opportunities to POC, Female, and LGBTQIA artists. This was inspired by years of underrepresentation of diverse or marginalised artists in most galleries.

We started the year organising screenings with independent film groups with a diasporic political agenda. For instance, we recently aired the Basianz Film Festival "No Room Left in The Margins" 10 films exposing unfamiliar elements of Asian culture and "Female Lebanese" by Habibi Collective (a night of female-led experimental Lebanese Cinema). We consider our ability to offer a platform for this type of screening as one of the main assets of The Bomb Factory in pioneering diversity in the arts.

Although we have reduced our programme this year, we are still able to have some physical shows as well as several events online, and we continue to arrange exhibitions that represent exciting work that should be seen. In October we have a solo show by female British Sculptor and taxidermist Polly Morgan entitled "How to Behave at Home " and in November, we are planning to exhibit the work of Halim Flowers, a black American artist, who was wrongly imprisoned in the US for 22 years. We are very excited to continue to platform artists' work that is politically motivated and extant at such a turbulent time, politically and socially. 

Above all, The Bomb Factory is committed to the promotion of many diverse art forms. Primarily we support inclusivity and the urgent platforming of minority groups in all cultural activities. In the future, our priority is to expand the demographic of our potential audiences in whatever format is possible. Although our future is unknowable, we have conviction in the belief that there will always be a place in the world for the creation and consumption of art. We hope that through our pioneering of this belief, The Bomb Factory will begin to make movements in making radical change within the art world.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the five young winning artists who applied for The Bomb Factory Free Summer School Programme, The lucky recipients of the prize receive a free studio for three months as well as specialised mentoring and support. We hope that by the end of the process we will have helped them gain confidence in their work and hopefully some new skills to enable them to achieve their goals in the future."

Pallas Citroen, Director of The Bomb Factory


Buying artwork through The Bomb Factory will support our artists, as well as our growing Educational Programme and community outreach workshops. Please contact Pallas today and request a catalogue of our studio holders and exhibiting artists, via 


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