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LUCKY NUMBER 8 - A group show of contemporary Chinese Art

Lucky Number 8 will be the first major exhibition at the Bomb Factory Art Foundation’s expansive new gallery space at 206 Marylebone Road, NW1. This large-scale, industrial building is our fourth site in London, helping to achieve the charity's aims of delivering new, ambitious and thought-provoking contemporary art in a non-commercial setting. The exhibition coincides with the festivities of Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival or Chūnjié in Mandarin, and brings together the work of 15 London-based Chinese artists, spanning many different mediums including sculpture, painting, film, and other interdisciplinary works.

Many of the artists are engaging with conceptual ideas. A philosophical approach can be seen in much of the work in the exhibition, especially topics that deal with notions of nationality and cultural uniformity. The work on show highlights the complexities of the Chinese diaspora, and questions the stereotypical projection of Chinese/Asian identity.

In this exhibition, The Bomb Factory aims to show the diversity that exists in contemporary Asian art practice; one that is no longer tied down by traditional demands. By posing the question “What is Asian Art?” we must consider the wide range of voices that make up the whole. There is a mixing of cultures here that may be truly representative of Contemporary Chinese Art, dispelling the myth of a singular narrative.


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