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Silent Echoes - Letian Qu at The Bomb Factory Covent Garden

Letian Qu is a young East Asian artist whose work explores the gaps between the social conditions and the political consciousness of his homeland. Originating from China and currently residing in London, following the completion of an MA in Fine Art at The Royal College. Letian Qu draws inspiration from the stark contrast between his past and present realities.

In this series of artworks, including the thought-provoking piece "Successors," he is inviting viewers to confront the chilling realities of societal suppression, and by exploring themes such as class division and the influence and corruption of power, he sheds light on collective detachment and resilience.

His powerful works are vibrantly coloured, and appear to be quickly painted like storyboards of his homeland seen through the lens of the media. The subject matter is often disturbing, his expressive depiction of the faces of the Chinese community with their bold outlines and scratchy paint evokes deep emotions, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer.

A show not to be missed.

"My art explores the impact of the political environment on individuals, drawing from my experience of living in London and following Chinese current affairs. Through intense colours and bold lines, I aim to convey the unease and pain I feel when I see the constraints imposed by the system and the harm caused by diseases and social issues.

Against the backdrop of China's "zero-Covid" policy, I created artwork that depicts collective numbness, resistance, and the effects of political epidemic restrictions. Through my art, I hope to spark a dialogue and promote understanding about the enduring impact of the political environment and the struggles faced by individuals. In addition, my works also explore issues related to demolition, immigration, the living conditions of the underprivileged, labor, housing, the system, and the livelihood of the people. I attempt to use the language of painting to touch upon every painful point brought about by political influence, evoking contemplation through symbolic meaning."

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 10th August, 6:30 - 8:30pm

DATES: 9th - 21th August

LOCATION: 99 -103 Covent Garden, WC2E 9NR


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