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TESTAMENT - Tarek Al-Shammaa and Yue Yin at The Bomb Factory Covent Garden

Featuring the work of Holborn resident artists, Tarek Al-Shammaa and Yue Yin. Shammaa and Yin's works guide the viewer through a philosophical timeline of venerated subjects, from ancient gods in Shammaa's case, to contemporary machines for Yin. Al-Shammaa's paintings explore long-forgotten belief systems, placing ancient deities at the center of his work and questioning how these gods still resonate with our modern society. Yin's installation, Testimony, challenges the concept of authority through a shattered ionic column, pounded by actuators. It questions the establishment's role, provoking reflection on the fragility of power and the need for societal introspection.

In both cases, Shammaa and Yin place subjects of reverence at the core of their work, consequently interrogating how these belief systems become obsolete as cycles of belief constantly evolve. What emerges is a powerful juxtaposition between Yin's industrial installations and Shammaa's paintings of Gods, both signaling a profound exploration of the transient nature of ideological constructs and the impermanence of societal idolisation.

Private View: Thursday 11th April, 6-8pm

Location: 99-103 Long Acre,WC2E 9NR

Opening Times: Thursday - Sunday, 12-6pm


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